5 Most Effective Exercises to Enhance Brain Power and Sharpen Your Mind

Here are some of the most effective exercises to boost memory.

With trillions of neural connections, brain is an extraordinary organ that controls all the other organs and functions of the body. It is one organ that keeps all the organs functioning properly and so, it is important to keep the brain healthy and active. Like the rest of the body, our brain gradually loses its vigor with age. The degeneration of cells in the brain because of the age and other factors can affect our memory and brain power. As working out is important to keep your body healthy and fit, it is important to exercise our brain to sharpen your mind and improve memory. Here is a list of exercises to improve memory and enhance your brain power.

1. Draw a rough map from your memory :-

No, you do not have to look into the Google maps. Visit a new place and after returning home, draw a map of the place. For example, if you visit a new museum tomorrow, draw a map of how you reached the museum after you return home.

2. Do math in your head :-

We use calculator these days but try to do calculations in your mind to challenge your brain and keep it active. Do not use pen or paper. Up the challenge by walking while you do the math.

3. Solve puzzles :-

It may seem childish, but try solving puzzles and challenge your brain. Start with easy puzzles and then gradually proceed to complex ones. It will improve your hand and eye coordination. There are so many online puzzle games. Try jigsaw puzzles and building blocks.

4. Try to identify different smell and taste in your food :-

While eating your meal, don t just gulp it down. Try to identify the taste and smell of the ingredients used in preparing the food. Try this with different types of cuisines. It is a tasty challenge for your brain. 

5. Test your memory :-

List down several items in a paper and memorize it. After an hour, try to recall it and write it down in another sheet of paper. See how many items you could recall. Make this exercise challenging by adding random items in the list.


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