Yaaa.. Its all true !!!

Hey friends, till now we all have seen a lot of information which the world feels is right, but today is gonna be little different. A story, a story of girl and unfortunately her pathetic life.

Its a story of the generation, where what is shown was believed to be truth. People used to fall for the facebook profiles. No one cared what was there behind the mobile texting screens, forget about caring about the hidden person inside the body of anyone.
And there she was, completely confused by what was happening in her life. She was born in a well disciplined and good family. She was always given whatever she asked, but she wasn’t spoilt. Good at heart, so good sometimes that people used to think she is fake and hate her. All through her life, she had seen hatred without a reason. It wasn’t that she was always right, she was mostly wrong about judging people because she actually used to feel that everyone is good.

 So wherever she went, she always tried to keep everyone happy, trying her best. But fate always to flip the coin, she always became wrong one and her presence sometimes used to become the soul reason of sadness. She was extremely emotional, this used to kill her down inside. Somewhere she wasn’t fit for this world or generation.

Everyone who used to listen to her stories used to genuinely feel for her. And being with her was also  a plus point as she was almost perfect at things. So the case was always people using her and leaving. Moreover whoever came in her life to try to give her happiness, always got stuck in a wave, and left.

That wave was the sine wave. Positive cycle, happiness and negative cycle, sadness. She saw many such people and all of them did only one thing, reduced her confidence on herself a little more. This little more, little more, had almost broken her when she met him. A person whom she actually fell in love with. And he too, wanted to keep her happy and see her smile. A person who could see who she was behind that display picture, who could also see what she could become. And here comes another chapter or call it the full book only…….

The chapters will be released soon. Hang on to know the story… And do show your interest to us in the comments section.


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