25 Life Truths You Must Know Before You Turn 25

Twenty five is a tricky age. You’re neither a college kid nor a family man. You’re somewhere in between young and old. Life changes as you move closer to your mid twenties. Old chapters close and new ones start afresh. And here are 25 things you better know before your 25th birthday.

1. Your work or job doesn’t determine your worth.

2. Everybody’s life is difficult. You’re not the only one.
3. Nobody has the time to keep a count of your mistakes. So, chill. 

4. You will lose old friends and make new ones and it will all be okay.

5. You will not always find like-minded people and you will have to work for people with contrasting viewpoints.
6. Following your dreams is not selfish.

7. Kindness is not overrated. It can never be.

8. You will have your heart broken a couple of times.
9. You might not even end up with your first true love. But it is okay, for you will realize that love is much more than romance.

10. Time heals everything. No, really.

11. Everybody needs help at one point or the other, and it is okay to ask for it.
12. Even the smallest savings make a difference in the long run.

13. Being well-dressed is important .Your clothes don’t make you a better person, but they definitely add to your personality.

14. Sometimes, people just fall out of love. And more often than that, they fall in love with the wrong people.
15. Money can’t buy happiness. Contentment, most definitely not.

16. There is always enough time to exercise.

17. Most things you worry about right now won’t even matter eventually.
18. You will never have enough. You will always want more.

19. This is the time when you will have your most amazing travel memories.

20. There is no ‘right’ time to do anything. It is when you decide it is.
21. Respect is harder to earn than money.

22. It is never too late to quit your job and do what you love.

23. You will soon realize your parents were right about most things in life.
24. Nobody is going to transform you into a better, more successful person. You need to do it yourself.

25. Confidence will take you places.

Well it’s never too late to learn.


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